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Vocortex - Global Medical Recruitment

Take the pain out of recruiting a new doctor or finding a new job. Whether you're seeking the perfect candidate or hunting your next role, make the connection with Vocortex.

Our network is built on the global reach of the medical educational resource lifeinthefastlane.com, providing you with access to an extensive network of medical professionals and job opportunities worldwide, to build your practice or further your career.

About Vocortex

Vocortex was founded by Australia's # 1 medical blogger, Mike Cadogan, in December 2017. Mike has been a significant influencer and contributor to social media and medical education in the fields of emergency medicine and critical care for over 15 years. He co-founded the globally renowned Life in the FastLane (LITFL) medical education website; the social media platform FOAM (Free Open-Access Meducation); Australia's primary online examination portal iMeducate and Australia's largest doctor, dentist and physio search engine, HealthEngine.

Inspired by the geographical reach of his medical websites, Mike recognised the opportunity to connect health care providers of all specialties to employers on a global scale and so Vocortex was born.

Vocortex provides a unique online experience for medical professionals looking for new work opportunities whether it be a full or part time, contract or short term locum placement.

Why not use Vocortex to improve your likelihood of finding the right medical specialists or employer, carving hours of wasted time from the recruitment process.

Why choose Vocortex?

For JobSeekers:

  • Personalise job alerts so you're the first to know when the jobs you're interested in become available.
  • Search for what matters to you and find the role you really want.
  • Manage and submit job applications in your own time, or on the go using your smartphone.

For Employers and Recruiters:

  • Advertise your job ads directly to a global network of qualified medical professionals
  • Use Vocortex's applicant matching tools to zero in on the candidates best suited for the job.
  • Manage your job ads and applicants on the go using Vocortex on your smartphone or tablet.

If you have questions, perhaps we've already got the answers in the FAQ sections below:

Jobseeker FAQ

  • How much does it cost to use Vocortex as a Jobseeker?

    There's no cost to register an account or apply for jobs. Conversely, what's the cost to you for not doing so right now? Sign up here.

  • What do you do with my personal information

    The sole purpose for using your information is to match against jobs you may be interested in applying for. We will never sell or pass on your information without your permission. Read our privacy policy here.

  • When applying for a job, why do I get redirected to the login page?

    You need to be a registered Jobseeker to apply for a job. This helps us make sure that employers are receiving applications from medical professionals suitably qualified to do the job. You'll notice the same happens when creating a job alert or shortisting a job.

  • Why don't I see a 'Search' button when I update my advanced filters?

    Don't worry, the search results automatically update based on your search criteria.

  • Where do I load my CV and resume?

    No need to load up documents that quickly become out of date! You can update your work experience profile online in your Jobseeker account. For every job you apply for, we match the employer's job details against your profile so that employers know you're the best possible match for them.

  • Can you reset my password for me?

    We cannot provide you your username or password for security reasons. Our system only allows for a password reset link being sent to your email address, which you can request here.

  • Can you update my profile for me?

    We cannot update/change/delete any information contained within your profile; this may only be done on your own or by the employer or agency that you have applied to (if they choose to do so on your behalf).

  • Can you update me on my job application?

    We cannot share with you your status or progress for any job for which you have applied. For assistance, please contact the employer or agency you have applied to.

Employer FAQ

Why should I list my job ads on your website?

Simple – by listing your job ads with Vocortex you get:

  • Target your job ads to a global audience of medical professionals.

  • Free account registration and no sign-up fees when you partner with us.

  • What if I'm a small employer and advertise only a few times a year?

    No problem! Simply register an account, select a job ad pack that suits your needs and off you go. The sooner you advertise your vacancy, the sooner you'll connect with your next hire.

  • Can I list any kind of healthcare job?

    Our Jobseekers are specialists and so is our site. Your listing needs to be related to one of the defined medical specialties.

  • How long do job ads remain online for?

    By default, 60 days. However you can choose to re-post or expire your job ad/s at any time.

  • What if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions or if there's anything else you need, please get in touch.

Vocortex connects doctors directly to hospitals and locum opportunities.
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